Van's Cross Training Program

December 28, 2014 | Van Phillips



Workout Days Per Week:


This workout is to be performed 5 days per week.



Main Goal Of Workout Plan:


The main goal of this workout program is to build all around attributes. This includes flexibility, endurance, strength, durability and agility.



Type Of Workout Program:


This is a full body workout program. The following is a run down of which workouts are to be done on each day:

     • Day 1: Stretching, Endurance, Lower Strength and Speed

     • Day 2: Stretching, Durability and Agility

     • Day 3: Stretching, Endurance, Upper Strength and Speed

     • Day 4: Stretching, Durability and Agility

     • Day 5: Stretching, Endurance, Total Body Strength and Speed



Number Of Average Individual Exercises Per Workout:


     • Stretching: Front, Side (both), Hurdler's (each legs), Seated Groin, Hamstring, Front Pulley (each legs), Side Pulley (each legs), Thigh (each),

        Hip (each sides), Upper Back, Lower Back, Lunge (each leg), Calf (each), Shoulder (each), Triceps (each), Chest/Bicep (each sides) and

        Forearm (each).

     • Endurance: Treadmill, Elliptical, Stationary Bike, Outdoor Running or any type of sports activity.

     • Speed: Snapping Punch (each hands), Jab/Cross/Hook Combo Punch (each hands), Weighted Cross Punch (each hands) and Catch and/or

       Block and Punch (each hands).

     • Durability: Balance Reach Forward (each leg), Three-Way Balance Touch (each leg), John Travoltas (each arm), Shoulder Hand Job (each arm)

       and Calf Raises (each calf).

     • Agility: Aerobics and/or Dance

     • Lower Strength: Dumbbell Calf Raises, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Thigh Adductor, Thigh Abductor, Back Extensions, Middle Back Dumbbell

       Shrugs, Plate or Dumbbell Side Bends and Hanging Leg Raises.

     • Upper Strength: Face Down/Side/Up Plate, Dumbbell Shrugs, Complete Dumbbell Shoulder Raises, Decline to Incline Dumbbell Bench Press,

       Straight Arm Cable Pull Downs (each arm), Decline Dumbbell Skull Crushers, Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curls, Spider Dumbbell Curls, Palms

       Down Dumbbell Bench Curls, Palms Up Dumbbell Bench Curls and Rope Cable Crunches.

     • Total Strength: Hammer Strength Calf Machine (each calf), Push Ups, Pull ups, Hyper-extensions, Triceps Dips, Hammer Strength Leg Machine

       (each leg), Hammer Strength Preacher Curl Machine, Hammer Strength Shoulder Machine, Hanging Leg Raises, Wide Leg Cross Sit Up,

       Dumbbell Farmers Walk, Dumbbell Shrugs.



Number Of Average Sets Per Workout:


     • Stretching: 10 second hold

     • Endurance: 10 minutes

     • Speed: 25

     • Durability: 2

     • Agility: A minimum of 30 minutes

     • Strength: 3



One Rep Max:


In order to build peak strength, you must lift heavy. Point, Blank, Period! Take note of how many reps you do at a specific weight. Use the table below to find the percentage associated with the rep amount. Divide the weight by the percentage using decimals (example, 85% would be .85). That will give you a closeness to your one rep max. Also use the calculator to calculate your 1 rep max.



                 Reps     %

                      1        100

                      2          95

                      3          90

                      4          88

                      5          86

                      6          83

                      7          80

                      8          78

                      9          76

                      10        75

                      11        72

                      12        70




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