Or heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.

-Walt Disney





Real Men


• Use your brain instincts.


Money Management


• Never lend money to friends.








• Fighting

     - The first thing you do is sit down with each individual and listen to their side of the story.

     - Sit down with anyone else that might be indirectly involved in the dispute to get their side of the story and their facts.

       Remember to keep this "investigation" among your crew.

     - Make a decision on how you want to play this. If one guy is right, don't be afraid to pick sides.

     - Set up a meeting where all individuals involved can sit down over a cappuccino. Tell them what you want them to do,

       and lay out the consequences of them not following orders. But, they are still part of your crew, so make sure to

        exercise more diplomacy than you would with someone else.

• Try to settle any small disputes quickly before they escalate.

• Remind your crew that sometimes they have to put emotions aside and focus on business.

• Show your authority if you have to; you're the boss, you tell your crew to keep their mouths shut, they should do it.



Must be of the same descent.

• Create money generating businesses that supports the FAMILY as a hold.

• You must be a top earner or a top enforcer in order to move up the ladder. The more you earn or the more you enforce, the more important you become.

• Never discuss FAMILY business or activities with outsiders.

• Respect the rules and hierarchy.

• No man should put anything or anybody ahead of his FAMILY.

• The goal of the FAMILY is to make money.

• If someone is blocking you from making money, you try to resolve it as honorable men.

• The Structure

     - In order to join the FAMILY, a member must vouch for you.

     - Once you prove your a good earner and gain the respect and trust of the members, you can become an associate.

     (Note: If you are not of the same decent of the FAMILY, this is the highest level you can reach.)

     - Once you prove yourself as an associate, you are sworn in and become a member.

     (Note: Only the boss can make you a member)

     - Once you become a member, your first position will be Supervisor.

     (Note: As a supervisor, you will have a crew of associates tasked with different jobs and you will report to the  Director.)








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"A real man is not afraid to make sacrifices for the greater good of his being!"

- Van Phillips

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