A Person Without The Knowledge Of Their Past History, Origin, And Culture Is Like A Tree Without Roots.

-Marcus Garvey






In 1954, Van Winfred Phillips, father of Van Ezra Phillips, was born in New York City. He grew up in the neighborhood known as Harlem. His father, Sam Ezra Phillips, was originally from Nashville, Tennessee and he was a World War II veteran. His mother, Margaret Virginia Morris, was originally from Louisville, Kentucky and she was a full-time waitress. They were happily married.


Van Winfred was a young man bent on making money through varies hustles. He had two brothers; Ezra Eugene Phillips and Joe Louis Morris.


Van Ezra's mother, Patricia Ann Heard, was also born in New York City in Harlem. She was the daughter of Artheller Heard and Dorothy Williams. Artheller Heard was originally from Florida and he arrived in New York City in 1948 at the age of 17. He was a construction worker, truck driver, and cement mixer. Dorothy Heard was originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and she arrived in New York City in 1951 at the age of 15. She was a food service manager. They too were happily married.


Van Winfred's older brother, Joe Louis, had died before he was born. Ezra Eugene, was his younger brother. Van Winfred dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and started selling illegal narcotics. He made enough money to move out of his parents apartment and by the age of 18 he rented his own.


Through his varies illegal hustles, Van Winfred made a lucrative amount a money. Some say he was a great business man when it came down to his hustling ways. He was very smart and cunning. Through the years, the most he ever accumulated was $1 million.


In November 1983, Van Winfred Phillips and Patricia Ann Heard married in New York City. Their first and only son, Van, was born a year prior, and Melissa five years after that, followed by Natasha.


With his street knowledge and credibility, Van Winfred Phillips was a superb hustler, and the father of a laudable family. He implanted in his children honesty, money management, and family dedication.


Van Ezra Phillips was born on August 30, 1982 in New York City, where he learned that life is never to be taken granted and in order to make it, you have to take advantage of every situation.


With his parents and two siblings, Van Ezra Phillips grew up in a tough, and sometimes undermined family that would teach him just how unforgivable life is. In 1994 Patricia Ann Phillips died, profoundly affecting the Phillips family. Van Ezra was 11 years old. And in 2002 Van Winfred Phillips died, intensely affecting Van Ezra and his siblings. Van Ezra was 19.






Van Ezra Phillips is an aspiring entrepreneur. Besides working on his own projects, he is currently employed by Universal Services of America as the Director of Security, Fire and Life Safety for 4 New York Plaza in New York City. In his role as Director of Security, Fire and Life Safety Van is responsible for making sure that the building is in compliance with fire and life safety codes. He also oversees a staff of 21 security personnel, and coordinates with the engineering and maintenance staff. During his off-time he works on his entrepreneurial projects.


A big believer in optimism, Van Ezra supports the notion that things happen for a reason and the understanding that there is an opportunity in every situation.


Van Ezra Phillips is a qualified Director of Operations. He holds licenses in fire safety, emergency action planning, fire suppression systems, fuel piping and storage, first aid, CPR/AED, sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, and security. He also holds an Associates Degree in Business Management and he also took some classes at Baruch College CUNY which involved Finance and Investing.


Van Ezra Phillips is no stranger to work, 16 years of workforce experience has taught him the importance of self-reliance which is the driving force behind his entrepreneurial ambitions. His philosophy states: In order to be an effective and efficient worker, you have to work at something you are passionate about and enjoy doing.


Van Ezra Phillips is also a stock investor and he helps fellow investors with investment strategies. One of the projects he is working on consist of a business focusing of financial advisement and management. Van has been investing in the stock market since the market crash on 2008. He has employed many strategies with some failures and some successes. Currently, his defensive portfolio is down 2.77% and his defensive bonus portfolio is up 52.06%. Besides stock investing, Van is also passionate about web designing, music artistry, and audio mixing/mastering, which is all apart of another project he is working on.


Van Ezra Phillips and Rolanda Patricia Williams have one child: Valan Quincy Phillips.



Awards and Honors



Van Ezra Phillips has received acknowledgment with the following:


~ Certificate of Merit in the Fall of 2009, Dean's List.

~ Certificate of Merit in the Fall of 2010, Dean's List.



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"A real man is not afraid to make sacrifices for the greater good of his being!"

- Van Phillips

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